Feb 2021

POSTPONED: Yang 24 form in-depth meaning and some plications of each movements (Fed. 2 to Feb.5, 2021)

From: 2021-02-02 To: 2021-02-05

Location: 4030 Valley Blvd, #105Walnut, CA 91789

Yang 24 form is one of the the simplified traditional Yang forms. It is the most popular Tai Chi form in the whole world. It has significant meaning for each Tai Chi movements. This workshop will explore the deeper understanding each movement, external and the mystery internal related to Qi, will help studying other forms, taichi weapon study, push hand, the applications, and teaching methods for different level students. Costs: $395 Please Contact: Linda Scott at Hong Yang at
Dec 2020

POSTPONED: Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention, TCA2, Seated Instructor Certification, & TCH, TCE, TCE2, TCR updates (Dec. 4 to Dec. 6)

From: 2020-12-04 To: 2020-12-06

Location: Oceanside, CA

For more information, please contact Linda Scott -
Nov 2020

POSTPONED: Yang 24 form details and corrections on each movement and Tea/Taichi philosophy (Nov.9 to Nov.13, 2020)

From: 2020-11-09 To: 2020-11-13

Location: Lightening Taichi School:4030 Valley Blvd. Ste

Yang 24 form is the most popular international Taichi form. It is easy to learn and easy to start a class to teach because most Tai Chi practitioners start Tai Chi with Yang 24. During this 4 days workshop, either beginners and advanced participants will enjoy many in-depts based on your level of practice. Tea and Taichi philosophy will bring some interesting stories and knowledge about history of tea, different functions of tea for health, how tea can help Qi (energy ) and internal of Taichi . Hone will share you the great collections of Pu'er Tea from the old trees in the Yun Nan Mountain in China. Costs: (spaces are limited) For Yang 24 (9am -4:30pm,Nov. 10 -13, 2020): $395 For Tea and philosophy(Nov.9, 3-5pm): $ 30 Contacts: Linda Scott : Hong Yang :

POSTPONED: Peng Zu & Basic 13 Postures from Nov. 6 - Nov.8

From: 2020-11-06 To: 2020-11-08

Location: Bakersfield, CA

For more information, please contact Debra Dunn-Yonke -
Sep 2020

POSTPONED: Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor Certification (Sep.16 to Sep.17) & Yang Sword 32 (Sep.18 to Sep.19)

From: 2020-09-16 To: 2020-09-20

Location: Oceanside, CA

For more information, please contact Linda Scott - Registration onlineļ¼š
Aug 2020

TCAFT certification instructor training (Aug. 8-9,2020, San Francisico, CA)

From: 2020-08-08 To: 2020-08-09

Location: San Francisco, CA

Two days TCA/FP and updates instructor training on Aug. 8 - 9 Please contact Maggie Lu for detail at
Jul 2020

Taichi Basic 13 and 32 Sword part 2 Movements 17-32 in Idaho, Jul.31-Aug.2, 2020

From: 2020-07-31 To: 2020-08-02


Tai Chi Basic 13 is the keys and very important fundamental for all styles and forms of Tai Chi, without the Tai Chi basic 13 elements, we can hardly understand the key of how each single Taichi movement's real and deeper meaning for both the health benefits and it's applications to help knowing the correct external movement and internal coordinations. It is the basic essence of Tai Chi Quan forms, movements, applications, and body structures which helps not only the way of our daily walk, sit, and stand, but also helps how Yin and Yang of Tai Chi movements and philosophy effects our psychology, mental health, peaceful life and wisdom of life. Basic Tai Chi 13 = 5 elements that can be explained using steps related methods and the 5 important aspects studying of hands, eyes, body, tradition secret methods, and correctly steps (leg/feet methods). The 8 trigrams(8 Gua) that can be related to correct hands moving methods. Both numbers of 5 and 8 are based on the oriental Yin(balck) and Yang(white) symbol and philosophy, it can represents the solid foot and the empty foot in each Tai Chi movement, then Yin can be separated as less Yin and more Yin, the same way that Yang is also can be split as less Yang and more Yang, this is related how the weight transfer from one foot/leg to another one correctly. Less Yin , more Yin, less Yang, more Yang, Plus a stillness (Ding) moment exist in every weight transferring lead to the number 5. 8 is based on the 8 trigrams (Ba Gua) to study the 8 methods of hands movements: Peng, Lv, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao. Yang Sword 32 form part II will teach the movements 17-32. Beginners are welcome without taking the part I (movements 1-16) but need study the sequence of movements 17-32 by using Dr. Lam DVD or any online class. Contacts: Frances Davies: Linda Scott :
Apr 2020

Peng Zu Certification To Be reschedule

From: 2020-04-17 To: 2020-04-19

Location: Oceanside, CA

For more information, please contact Linda Scott -

In-depth Peng Zu Qigong (Part. 1) and Tai Chi Basic 13 (Part. 2) to be Reschedule in Fall 2020

From: 2020-04-03 To: 2020-04-05


Please contact Julie Oberhaus for detail and new dates :
Mar 2020

Tai Chi Basic 13 Postures and TCE, TCHC instructor training in Toledo, Ohio to be reschedule

From: 2020-03-26 To: 2020-03-29

Location: Toledo , Ohio

Please contact Becky Rahe for details and rescheduled dates.

Three days Peng Zu Qigong in Cincinnati will be reschedule in fall in 2020

From: 2020-03-20 To: 2020-03-22

Location: Montgomery, Ohio

Contact for details and reschedule dates. Ralph Dehner Sarah